DIY Essex Conservatories- The Many Styles

Essex Conservatories

When looking for DIY Essex Conservatories, there’s an array of options and designs to choose from, and that can be really daunting.

While you may be making a significant saving over the price of a conventional conservatory, it’s still a substantial purchase, and so, you will want to make the right decision.

There are numerous options in regards to the materials you need for your DIY conservatory, different types of glass, various materials for the frame and even the style of the conservatory.

While your taste will certainly dictate your choice to a large degree, there’s still some practicalities you will have to factor in.

Every neighborhood and house have its distinct style. This is something you also need to keep in mind when choosing the design of your conservatory. If you get it right, the conservatory can certainly enhance the look of your home.

Victorian Design Conservatories

These are among the durable classic design that has been in demand for many years. A Victorian conservatory requires less square footage, but it gives out a traditional pleasing finish.

P-Shaped Essex Conservatories

If you are working on a bigger budget and looking for a multi-purpose room, such as a sitting area along with a dining room, then the P-shaped conservatory is ideal for you.

Of course, the p-shaped DIY conservatory will call for more space, but if you have adequate space, you will certainly get a fantastic looking conservatory with additional space.

The P-shaped style conservatory is usually a blend of the Edwardian style (which I will talk about below) and the Victorian design conservatory.

So, you can imagine taking delicious dinner in one area and then retreat to the other area to take an after dinner glass of wine and get a glimpse of the garden.

The Edwardian Style Essex Conservatories

ConservatoriesThe primary trait of this conservatory design is the square form, which gives maximum room area for the least sacrifice of garden space. The Edwardian style conservatories are just as classic as the Victorian designs but are more roomy and airy.

A do-it-yourself Edwardian conservatory provides the best of both worlds. It maximizes the space available while giving a traditional and distinct finish. A feeling similar to the Victorian style.

Now, you might be wondering, why not build a brick room instead of an Edwardian do-it-yourself conservatory, after all, the traditional square shape is just like every other room in your house. Well, in my opinion, it does not give the same feel.

Of course, you can even use bi-fold doors to access the room, but the Edwardian style offers you a far brighter space, making it look like part of the yard. Now that is something special!

In Conclusion

It is imperative to plan ahead of time if you want to get a conservatory that is ideal for your home and the space you intend to build on. That being said, consult at least three Essex conservatory companies to garner ideas of what can be achieved with your budget.

There’s certainly a style for every price. If you don’t have the fortune to spend, the Victorian DIY style should suit you just right. If you want to lean more on the fancy side, the p-shaped or Edwardian style should be perfect for you.

Regardless, it is possible to get a great conservatory that you will benefit from for years to come.

In this post, we have covered just a few of the fundamental designs, meaning it doesn’t end here. It is possible to have any style to fit almost any space. Remember to consult a conservatory expert if you want to the most of your money and space. Cheers!